Sunday, 25 September 2016

September Update!

The second-edition cover.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has supported Déjà Moo over the past few months, from beta readers to buyers, reviewers, interviewers and tweeters. I've been overwhelmed by the response to my work. People have messaged me telling me they love the title, love the artwork (both versions!), love my characters, love my voice, and are desperate to know what happens next. All of this means as much, if not more, as any purchase.  Whether you've been following here at, on Wattpad, on Twitter or Facebook, or have bought a copy of the book on Amazon, I couldn't have done this without you. And I probably wouldn't have bothered to continue. But on that note...

The much-loved original cover.
...what's next? I'm pleased to confirm that work is already underway on the third draft of a fully-fledged sequel. Bovine Intervention picks up three months after the conclusion of Déjà Moo, when a new crisis reunites Daniel, Cynthia and Vince against their wishes. I'm going to be working on it for at least the next year. Expect a concrete release date nearer 2018.  What do you think of the working cover art?

A rough mock-up - what do you think?

But that's not all - I've another novella that's nearly ready for release! Tentatively titled Encore Moo, the novella examines the aftermath of the events of Déjà Moo, introduces all-new characters to the Moo-niverse, and reintroduces a few familiar faces. Encore Moo is going to be ready in a matter of months and I can't wait for you to read it. Spoiler warning: there are parallel universes involved.

Companion novella. Thoughts?
And that's not all! I'm planning a slew of all-new content for Check back periodically for writing advice, top-five lists of my greatest influences, teasers and all-important updates on new releases.

Don't forget to comment below to tell me what you think of the books and their covers! What are you most looking forward to, and what do you want to see in future Lawnmowers, Inc. releases? 

Thanks for reading, and check back soon! 

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