Monday, 3 October 2016

Encore Moo is released!

Good news, everyone! My new science-fiction novella Encore Moo is available for purchase on Kindle. It takes place after the events of Déjà Moo and follows researcher Nicholas Wyndham as he makes contact with a number of parallel universes in the aftermath of the Lawnmowers, Inc. scandal. Here's the blurb:

Sometimes Nicholas Wyndham is happy, but it depends which one of him you ask. There are dozens of versions of him, and they’re trying to make contact. The laws of physics are of no concern to a man who can send emails to a parallel universe. Naturally, some of the Nicholases, the clueless ones, are getting worried. Their post keeps going missing, and their kitchens are haunted, and their partners grow suspicious. In the wake of the Lawnmowers, Inc. scandal, Nicholas Wyndham is having a crisis, and Nicholas Wyndham is the only man that can help him – if he can reach himself in time.

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