Beta Reading

I beta read! All you have to do is ask.  
Contact me in the comments or via any of the social media buttons to the side.

What I will read:
  • In order of preference:
    • Fantasy
    • Literary Fiction
    • YA
    • Humour
    • Science-Fiction
  • Light/Cosy Mysteries or Romance, when used in conjunction with the above genres. 
  • Books that are fun, vibrant, creative, witty, weird or unusual.
  • Cliffhangers are fine, as long as you promise to send me the next one! (You don't really have to.)

What I won't read: 
  • Thrillers, Psychological/Crime Fiction, Military or Conspiracy Fiction. I don't read them for pleasure and won't be able to give you any meaningful feedback.
  • Serial killers, sexual/graphic crimes, erotica.
  • Horror, unless it's a fun, campfire-style spooky horror; witches, spells, creepy old farmhouses and black cats etc.
  • Anything about your family, your children, your work, your pets or your travelling. 

Any genre I've not mentioned? Try me.

What I can do:
  • Give you my own personal, subjective opinion on your characters, plot, world and grammatical style, in as much detail as I see fit. 
  • Give you a few pointers, such as, but not limited to; 'Try using fewer adjectives.', 'I wanted to know more about this character.' , 'What happened to the gun in Chapter 3?' 
  • Answer basic questions you might have for me, such as, but not limited to; 'What did you think of the twist in Chapter 12?', 'Do you think any characters could be cut?' 'What would you like to see in a sequel?'

What I cannot do:
  • Highlight all the typos. Depending on the book this can be really time-consuming, and while I wish I had the time, I probably won't, sorry!
  • Rewrite or edit anything. There are more skilled people than me who make a living off that sort of thing. If you're looking for a proper editor, I recommend
  • Read quickly. I'm a painstakingly slow reader. It will take me about a month to read your book because I'm a human being. I work full-time, write evenings and weekends, and have a TBR pile as large as Gatsby's shirt collection. Please have patience!
  • I cannot trade reviews. This is generally a bad idea and I advise against it. They will inevitably get taken down.

Think I can help you? Get in touch and ask me about my availability. I look forward to hearing from you!

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